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Our guide to Europe is ideal for any travelling adventurer! Follow our Europe trip planner to discover hidden gems across Europe, from small seaside towns to mountain treks, undiscovered canyons and everything in between. Get ready to experience Europe in a new and exciting light.

Below is a list of all the European countries we’ve travelled to so far. Choose the one that you’re dreaming of and use our destination guide to explore all the best places to visit, things to do, where to stay, adventures to experience and much more.

If you’d prefer to find a country based on the type of adventure you’re after you can visit our Adventure Activities Guide.

Albania - Europe Travel Guide


Austria - Europe Travel Guide


Macedonia - Europe Travel Guide


Why Choose Europe as a Holiday Destination?

Culture, nature, good food and friends…what’s not to love about Europe!? With so many different cultures packed into a small space it’s no wonder travellers from around the world flock to Europe in hopes of experiencing as much of the world as they can.

In Europe, you can drive a day and pass through multiple different countries, with different languages, food, scenery and culture. But here at 150 Countries, we like to take it a little slower, spending months in each country and truly experiencing what each European country has to offer.

Check out each of our European destinations above to discover a versitile Europe trip planner.


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