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Traveling to Antarctica semms to be one of those bucket list items that a lot of travelers talk about but usually don’t get around to doing…our guess is because of the harsh weather, high expense of travel and difficulty to get there.

We want to make your bucket list travel destinations a reality with ease, so we’ve put together our best Antarctica travel tips to help make your dream trip come true.

Here we’ll cover all Antarctica travel tips, including:

  • How to get to Antarctica
  • Types of adventures you can have there
  • Currency and expenses
  • How to plan your Antarctica trip
  • Packing lists
  • and more…

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Why Choose Antarctica as a Travel Destination?

When we think of Antarctica we think of iceburgs, wildlife, isolation and magnificent landscapes. The best way to describe it is probably ‘the ultimate adventure.’ If you’re looking for a travel destination that will leave you in awe, challenge you physically and mentally and have people turning their heads when you tell them where you’re going, then Antarctica travel is for you.

Wildlife in Antarctica

Antarctica isn’t like other travel destinations; you’re not going to experience cities or eben villages brimming with culture. Antartica’s culture lies amongst it’s natural inhabitants…it’s wildlife!


The two main types of penguins you’ll see in Antarctica are the Adelie and Emporer penguins. When you’re in Antarctica you won’t be allowed to go up close to the penguins, but they are very friendly and curious, so if you stay where you are they will most likely come up to you. It’s a great opportunity to get close to them, enjoying your time with them and even get a few snaps to show your friends and family.

Seals and Sea Lions

These guys you won’t want to get close to! They are amazing to observe from a distance but the bulls can be very dangerous, especially around breeding season. When you get the opportunity the seals and sea lions are beautiful to watch as they gracefully swim through the ice cold Antarctic waters. Or you can watch them sun bathing on the ice and raising their young.


For bird lovers, there are several types of flying birds that hang around Antarctica. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got your cameras ready to capture uninterupted nature at it’s finest! With 4 varieties of Albatross, Blue Eyed Cormorant, Petrels, Shearwaters and more there’ll be birds galore for you to feast your eyes on as they glide above the Antarctic.


Perhaps the most saught after sighting in Antarctica! There are 8 types of Whales that grace the Antarctic waters and to experience the presence of any of them is majestic.

The Landscape of Antarctica

The Antarctic landscape is both awe inspiring and intimidating. You wouldn’t want to have to survive there on your own and that is probably part of the allure of visiting it. Here are some facts about the Antarctic landscape to give you some scope of what to expect:

  • The land mass of Antarctica is covered with around 4km thick ice
  • The little vegetation includes mosses and lichens
  • There are mountainous areas and some exposed rock
  • Average height above sea level is 2,500m

Antarctica has a very harsh environments and is the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent in the world.

The People of Antarctica

Antarctica does not have any native inhabitants, however, although few, there are people that live there.

Each summer a few thousand people travel to Antarctica for around 6 months to work on research and sustainability projects. The most populated area is McMurdo Base on Ross Island.

These people live and work in insulated quarters and any expeditions outside of these bases display the full effect of the Antarctic landscape.

Activities and Adventure in Antarctica

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