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Follow our journey to 150 countries to plan your next overseas adventure!

Along the way you will find tips for hidden gems across the globe – from beautiful landscapes to humbling communities and adventurous activities off the beaten track.

For us, no overseas adventure travel is complete without exploring the landscapes and activities that a place has to offer.

We created this blog so that other adventure travellers can draw inspiration and ideas from the places that we visit and the adventures that we experience.

What Makes Our Travel Blog Different?

Aside from a focus on adventure travel, we like to spend a minimum of a month in each location that we travel to.

Why do we do that?

We believe that getting to know even the surface level of a culture takes more than a few days, and after all, that’s why we travel… Culture, food and adventures.

After spending months in each location, you can be sure we’re delivering the best of what each region has to offer, from our perspective.

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8 Tips On What To Wear Hiking

8 Tips On What To Wear Hiking

When we travel overseas one of the first things we look at are the recommended hikes for the region. Hiking in another country can give you an insight into a landscape that is unlike any other you have seen before. With the amount of hiking and trekking we have done...

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This is our journey so far, as we move to reach our goal of traveling to 150 countries.