About Us

Welcome to 150 Countries, an online travel guide filled with endless travel tips for backpackers, luxury travellers and most importantly, adventure seekers. 

How does it feel when you are traveling?

That feeling that the world is at your feet. That you are discovering the world and absorbing happiness from complete strangers that make strange places feel like home.

New flavors, new smells, other cultures … The feeling that you are really aware of life.   

150 Countries originated from a love for travel – how could it be anything else?

Follow the journey of Nathan & Alexa – an adventure seeking couple from Sydney, Australia – as they travel the world with a goal to explore 150 different countries, finding culture and adventure everywhere they go.

With an emphasis on adventure travel activities, this blog was created to make it easier for people to plan a holiday around an activity that they love, rather than just based on destination.

You will find travel information and tips for travel activities and destinations  from all around the world.

Our aim is to inspire with a nice dose of travel information, so your bucket list will always be topped up. From a backpack adventure through a country in South East Asia to a city trip in Europe. All laced with adventurous activites like rock climbing, trekking or canyoning. From a world tour along all kinds of continents or a beach holiday on a paradisiacal destination.

For all kinds of travel and destinations you will find practical tips, activity logs, our top picks and itineraries. 

Be inspired by one of our stories!

If you would like more information about the site, to guest blog or to let us know about one of your overseas adventures send an email to support@150countries.com or use the contact form.